"The simplified, intuitive interface and user-friendliness were the deciding factors"

Thomas Behrend
CEO Thomas Behrend Glas- und Gebäudereinigung
Thomas Behrend
Berlin-based Thomas Behrend Glas- und Gebäudereinigung has been a household name in professional cleaning for many years. Founded in 1996 by Thomas Behrend, the family-owned company is committed to quality, open communication, and transparency. Despite operating successfully for nearly three decades, the company has recently encountered operational hurdles, particularly in personnel planning and data management. In soniq, it found the right partner to develop a future-proof solution.

"We've encountered our fair share of challenges, particularly when it comes to planning shifts and allocating resources,” says Christian Behrend, Managing Director. “Data management has always been time-consuming, and we’ve tried various solutions, but most turned out to be more of a hindrance than a help,"

The company embarked on a quest for a solution that could provide insights into operational bottlenecks and empower them to optimize processes. “We wanted a tool that would help us identify problems or recognize instances where tasks are taking longer than they should, and suggesting alternative ways of organizing.”


In soniq, Thomas Behrend Glas- und Gebäudereinigung found a suitable partner to digitize and optimize its cleaning operations. The collaboration involved adopting a digital tool, which included advanced scheduling and communication features that addressed the company's challenges. "The simplified, intuitive interface and user-friendliness were the deciding factors.” The software's capabilities resonated with different stakeholders within the company:

  • Service Manager: The scheduling feature addressed the complexities of shift planning and improved visibility into schedules. The streamlined interface helped identify issues and time-consuming tasks promptly.
  • Administrative Manager: The implementation process triggered a reevaluation of the status quo and provided solutions for more efficient resource allocation. Time saved through the software's implementation allowed the company to focus more on enhancing customer experiences.
  • Cleaning professional: With the mobile app, field staff gained the ability to track hours and access schedules for upcoming days and weeks. The user-friendly interface, coupled with the built-in messenger featuring real-time translation, enhanced convenience.


“From the very beginning, soniq provided us with advice and support. The team's assistance was instrumental in steering us through the implementation phase. Quick and seamless data integration and effective communication helped us to get up and running quickly.

It was vital for us to restore transparency to our processes and streamline workflows. Over the past 20 years, we've essentially adhered to the same approach. soniq has helped us to reevaluate and implement a solution that has improved efficiency in our scheduling and route planning, among other things.

We now have the capability to monitor the contrast between our planned and actual worked hours, allowing us to gain insights into our operational efficiency. The application is also incredibly user-friendly, and the time saved through using it lets us focus more on delivering customers the best possible cleaning quality.”

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