Quality Inspections

Quality inspections are crucial for maintaining a consistent level of quality and continuous improvement over time. Regular assessments ensure that standards are met and providing valuable insights to enhance overall quality.

Tired of customer complaints?

Keeping a steady quality level and even improving in quality over time can be challenging. Quality inspections help to be ahead of customer complaints, document your good performance, and identify issues at the right time.

What you can do:

Plan inspections in advance
Quality inspections can be planned in advanced already defining the rooms to be inspected. This way inspections follow a structured plan and do not depend on gut feeling.
Perform quality inspections
Quality inspections can be performed on a mobile device. Based on defined quality standards checkpoints are evaluated and an overall quality rating can be set.
Share quality inspection reports
The results of the quality inspections is documented in inspection reports. These reports can easily be sent to the customer as proof of the inspection itself and as proof of your good performance.

“With soniq IQ's, I can easily track the real-time status of my team and assets, whether I'm on my way to an inspection, checking updates on my smartphone or sitting at my office computer.”

Peter Helbling, CEO Enzler Reinigungen AG

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Is there a free trial period available?

Yes, we offer a free trial period of one month to discover soniq IQ at no cost, no risk, and no obligation. Your trial allows you to explore the ADVANCED plan. Our pricing information is available here.

Does soniq offer change management support?

Yes, your satisfaction is our main goal and we see you as a partner. Our customer success team will help you with setting up your account and business in soniq IQ, onboarding your employees, and answering all questions along the way and afterwards.

What savings can I expect from using soniq IQ?

You can expect to save up to 10-20% of work time and up to 10-20% of costs when using soniq IQ.

What is the usual time for implementation? When can I see the first efficiency gains?

soniq IQ is fast and easy to implement. Implementation takes between 1 and 4 months depending on the size of your organization, the number of users, and the number of serviced locations.

Do crew App users need a business smartphone or can they use their private smartphones?

crew App users can use their private smartphones. The crew App won’t access any private data or information. For optimal use, crew App users can grant access to pictures and GPS tracking themselves.

Is soniq IQ GDPR compliant?

Yes, soniq and soniq IQ comply with all GDPR requirements.