The 100% carefree package for digital cleaning

We leverage our experience in professional cleaning to create the best digital cleaning application.

The all-in-one digital management of cleaning staff

Efficiently manage your employees, their shift plans, tasks, absences, timesheets, and all work-related communication in one place. Give your cleaning workforce real-time access to all important information with the soniq crew App.

Increase your company's profitability and performance

Unlock your business's full potential with customer and location data management as well as equipment and consumables resource management. Improve your cleaning performance with quality assurance.

Integrate soniq IQ seamlessly into your IT landscape

Speed up processes with seamless data integration between the soniq IQ platform and your existing IT infrastructure as well as high-end sensor integration for real-time transparency regarding cleaning demands.

Shift Monitoring

Every day is different and every day is different than the original plan. Therefore, monitoring shifts and reacting to shift issues can be challenging but with our shift monitoring feature, your daily operations will receive a boost.

Quality Inspections

Keeping a steady quality level or even improving in quality over time needs regular quality inspections. soniq IQ offers an easy way to do quality inspections based on the room book data of the customer location.

Sensor Integration

In a highly competitive market, increases in efficiency can only be reached with technical innovation. With the integration of IoT sensor data from smart buildings into soniq IQ, the cleaning of the future will become demand-based.

"soniq IQ provides a comprehensive solution, seamlessly integrating operational and administrative management tasks, enhancing our speed and efficiency."

Tanja Cujic-Koch - CEO Cujic Gebäudedienste GmbH

Cujic Gebäudedienste GmbH achieved an 18% increase in efficiency in the first six months.
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Making life easier for everyone involved.

Cleaning Professional

The soniq crew App gives cleaning professionals access to all information regarding shifts, absence requests, issue reports, timesheets, communication and more - All in your pocket.

Operations & Administrative Manager

soniq IQ lets you easily monitor and plan shifts, manage your workforce, customer data, resources, and communicate with your cleaning professionals - All in one place.


soniq IQ and the soniq crew App make professional cleaning thorough and efficient. What else would your customers want? - All for the best customer relationship.