"Two principles are particularly central to us"

Tanja Cujic-Koch
CEO Cujic Gebäudedienste GmbH
Tanja Cujic-Koch
Established in 1981, Cujic Gebäudedienste GmbH has positioned itself as the preferred choice for quality-conscious and professional cleaning services in the greater Berlin area. The company offers a comprehensive range of services and is committed to sustainability and digitalization. To stay at the forefront in these areas, it has been partnering with soniq for several years.
Anyone who spends a day working alongside Tanja Čujić-Koch quickly grasps the key factors driving her family's business success. Throughout the day, friendly pats on the back occur nearly as often as phones are pulled out. “Two principles are particularly central to us,” notes the Managing Director: “We prioritize teamwork and embrace a digital-first approach."

Enhancing Communication

Advances in digitization have made it easier for the company to enhance its cleaning services. “We've been utilizing soniq's digital solution for some time now. The ability to support multiple languages is a significant advantage, particularly in terms of communication. It streamlines interactions between our cleaners and supervisors. All our employees have the app on their smartphones, enabling them to efficiently plan their mornings, receive reminders, and stay updated throughout the day.”

Invariably, it's the major process improvements that have made a substantial impact, according to Čujić-Koch. “For our service managers, having a quick overview of unfilled shifts is crucial. This proactive approach allows us to address staffing needs even before customers need to request them.

Sometimes, it's the little things that can make a significant impact. Take, for example, a situation where threads are accidentally pulled out of a dress during vacuuming. If we had the capability to submit photos and documentation for each shift, it could have saved us a substantial amount of time and effort. Our foremost priority is consistently providing high-quality cleaning services, which our customers value most. Embracing digitalization is key in achieving that goal.”

soniq’s capabilities also resonate with other stakeholders within the company:
  • Service Manager Gabriele Binder states, “I can see at a glance which shift still needs to be staffed. That significantly reduces the number of complaints. Having a better overview enables us to be proactive and pleasantly surprise our customers."
  • Cleaner Ivana Loncarevic adds, “In the morning, I know right away where I need to be and when.The handy reminders and real-time updates throughout the day are invaluable. The app's multi-language support, especially for messaging, eliminates language barriers.”
  • Office & HR Manager Sandra Ganz remarks, “At any time, I have an overview of the approved working hours per employee, allowing me to quickly generate preliminary payroll reports. Employees now receive their pay earlier. A win-win situation!”

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