"With soniq, we have found a reliable partner to help us empower our workforce through the use of digital technologies"

Peter Helbling
CEO Enzler Reinigungen AG
Peter Helbling
Enzler is dedicated to creating hygienic environments for people. With more than two million square meters of office, warehouse, and commercial space to be cleaned daily, it is familiar with the challenges and demands and offers a wide range of hygiene services. “Still, employees are our top priority. With soniq, we have found a reliable partner to help us empower our workforce through the use of digital technologies,” says Peter Helbling, Managing Director of Enzler Reinigungen AG.

Comprehensive cleaning advice and the resulting concepts, including their implementation, are among Enzler's core competencies. Since its founding in 1935, the Swiss company has continuously developed and specialized in sophisticated cleaning and hygiene services. In addition, it uses modern cleaning agents and specialized techniques that meet the growing quality demands of customers.

Looking ahead

Many of Enzler’s customers have been with the company for multiple decades, and the organization, employing over 2,500 people, is one of the most traditional cleaning companies in Switzerland. Despite all the tradition, Peter Helbling likes to look ahead. To remain competitive in the market and respond to real-world challenges such as rising costs and customer demands, digitalization plays a major role.

“At the end of 2019, we made the strategic decision to implement soniq’s digital solution across Switzerland. Our primary goals were to enhance operational efficiency and improve communication with our workforce. Little did we know that in March 2020, the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic would present us with unforeseen challenges. It became evident that we needed to connect all our employees digitally, and fast.

Within a short span, after a few phone calls, we were presented with a professional concept from soniq, and by April, the first employees had the solution installed on their mobile devices. Today, we fully leverage its capabilities, from shift and absence management to performance tracking and timekeeping.

Every employee knows their tasks, schedules, and customer assignments in real-time. Our regional managers optimize operations using data-driven insights, while our object managers find immense relief. Ultimately, this leads to superior results for our clients, backed by accurate data. soniq has been instrumental in ensuring secure and efficient communication with our entire workforce, even during times of crisis. With soniq as our partner, I am confident in Enzler's position for the future, and I take great pride in that.”

Being in control

In multiple areas, soniq's solution offers advantages, said Peter Helbling. “Take service managers - with the dashboard; they have a quick overview both on a PC and mobile device. They can view the real-time status of their team and objects at a glance. It does not matter if they are on their way to a quality inspection and get an overview on their smartphone or if they are sitting behind a computer in the office. They see what needs to be done: who is late for a shift, who called in sick, tasks not completed, and why. We can act proactively and have everything under control without having to call around all day."

For Enzler’s administrative managers, absence, vacation management, and performance documentation were a challenge in the past. “But now, this is easier to handle as well. Through the digital sick leave and vacation notifications, we track everything and see which locations and shifts are affected. Moreover, it allows us to view the tracked hours per employee in a list and compare them with the scheduled shifts. We can approve or make changes and prepare the data for payrolling. That saves time and ensures nothing is lost due to paperwork.”

Finally, Enzler’s colleagues in cleaning benefit from the organization being better digitized. “Communication is key in our industry. Until now, much time was lost on the phone making calls or sending text messages back and forth. Thanks to the messaging feature, we can communicate in a much more structured way and reach everyone on the team. Language barriers no longer matter because we have this magical ‘auto-translation’ feature.”

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